Fall Trends

Fall Trends

Hey babes, welcome to the blog! I thought I would start my first blog post off with my favorite topic - fall fashion! Fall calls for sweaters, booties and anything that feels cozy, which is why I picked most of the collection based off just that. The newest Makos pieces were thoughtfully picked out by their looks, their costs and how comfy they would be while being stylish. As all of our spring maxi dresses and summer rompers have sold away, it was time to bring in more casual, everyday pieces that could be worn for any reason - work, classes, errands. You name it. So in this blog post, I'm going through each style and explaining why it's so great and all the ways to style it. Let's get started!
  • The Twist Back Sweaters

Rust pants twist sweater

One of my favorite trends for fall is the twist sweater. These are perfect because they can be worn dressed up or down. To dress it up, wear the twist in the front and pair it with a high waisted trouser or jean. The twist will give the middle section a cropped look and pairing with high waisted bottoms shows off your hips and waistline. You can even wear it off of one shoulder to make it even more sultry. Shown in the photo above, the cream twist sweater is dressed up with our Rust High Waisted Trousers and a dark nude pump. Both the style and the colors paired together is perfect for September through November.

  •  The Frayed Sweater
The Frayed Sweater was chosen as a less dressy option, compared to the twist sweater. It can still be dressed up or down with certain choice of bottoms and shoes, but has a little more coverage. Like the twist sweater, uu can also wear this piece off the shoulder, which I recommend! It brings a little more sass, and dresses it up! Throw on black leather leggings and black pumps, and you've got a night out look ready to go. You can dress it down with a pair of blue jeans and cute booties too. Shown above I paired mine with a straight leg pair of J-Brand jeans. I cuffed the bottoms up to have them hit the top of the ankle booties perfectly. I still wore it off of the shoulder to dress it up a bit & added a shoe with a chunky heel to balance it out. Throw on some layered gold jewelry and you've got an awesome day to night look.
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